My Work

I make fantasical, subjective stories about the characters of my background. I hope to make people find themselves in my stories and be proud of who they are. 

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Yuan Yuan

After losing a string of pets due to her carelessness, eight-year-old Jackie is determined to protect her newest pet, a tiny turtle named Lucy, at all costs. Even if it means running into the wind and rain to face a hurricane called the Hollow Monster.

Yuan Yuan is a 5-6 minute, 2D animated short film. With Yuan Yuan, my goal is to emphasize the themes of parental and positive self-esteem for young Asian American girls.


To brainstorm, I take a moment from my life that is filled with emotion and capture it in visuals to share my perspective with someone else. 

The following drawings were inspired by my family and my time in Florida during Hurricane Katrina.   

Jackie Concept
Sky Dragon
Hollow Monster
My Magical Life
Scary Stories
Family Portrait
Gremlin Cat
Jackie Sketch
Jackie Sulking
Toy Size
Jailed Fish


Here are my story boards for Yuan Yuan.

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Board Page 1
Board Page 2
Board Page 3
Board Page 4
Board Page 5
Board Page 6
Board Page 7
Board Page 8
Board Page 9
Board Page 10
Board Page 11
Board Page 12
Board Page 13
Board Page 14