I come up with story ideas daily, and I love the story ideation process for any project I work on.

Eye of the Storm

(Animation Script)

Combining two childhood memories, The Eye of the Storm is about two girls who try to find their cat during Hurricane Katrina.

Daydream project - Scene

(Animation Script)

In a fantasy-infused Los Angeles, a legendary hero disappears before two Hurricane dragons hit. The hero's ragtag lost suit embarks on a long journey to find his master. In this scene, the suit is rejected by his master, and accepts that they have to take on the dragon themselves.


(Experimental Book)

Lucifer, a graphic art book released on Amazon, was created using ink, fire, and transparent paper.

Vanna Banana

(Children's Book)

I illustrated this children’s book, working with Grace Kolbe in 2016.

A Turtle's Tale

(Children's Book)

I again worked with Grace Kolbe in 2017-2018. This time, I took glitter paint and etchings done by preschoolers to create a book about the magical, myth-like journey of a Turtle. This project was funded by PNC bank and thousands of copies were distributed for free in Florida and used to teach art in early education.


If you are looking for someone who is motivated, that’s me! I hope that my portfolio website will show you my intense passion for games, art, and animation.