My Roles

My Work

(Independent Projects)

Yuan Yuan (WIP)

Yuan Yuan is a 5-6 minute, 2D animated short film. With Yuan Yuan, my goal is to emphasize the themes of parental and positive self-esteem for young Asian American girls.

Roles: Writer, director, producer, and animator.

I scheduled and adhered to a production timeline through frequent individual/team meetings and updates, showcasing progress and initiating critiques/open discussion, and processing feedback through the revision pipeline.


Turn the world around you in a game of digital manhunt! Video games meet real life in Domain (formerly Hacker), a secret-identity team-based game of tag. Inspired by physical games such as Assassin, and secret-identity card games, Domain is a location-based, mobile game, made for 6 players. Two teams track, identify, and attack each other. The team with the most successful attacks win.

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Roles: Director, producer

I have managed a large student team.

(Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd)

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Television Projects

I am working on a Show in Development as a visual development artist. Previously, I have helped out on two shows as a production coordinator.

Roles: Visual Development Artist, Production Coordinator

As a visual development artist, I am responsible for designing the look and feel of the environments. My job is to design the backgrounds for the pilot and pitch bible, creating interior and exterior environments.

As a production coordinator, I wrote notes and provide feedback for ideas in development, update and organize tasks on Asana, and upkeep the studio’s file database, managing files to remain consistent between servers. Occasionally, created art for pitch bibles, conventions, and pitch decks.

Tools: Trello, Asana, Slack, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate

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Licensed Game

Roles: Game consultant.

I’m working on apps and games for the #1 preschool show on Netflix. Currently, I review 11 apps, one of which I am the lead game designer. At the studio, I:

Roles: Lead Game Designer

For a game currently in Beta, I create game design documents to our company located in India. Using Premiere and AfterEffects, I created Mock-ups for a game in development.