Conflicted heroes. Witty villains. Cursed objects. Entire worlds inside a keyhole -- all in energetic action-adventures. Catherine ignites a child-like spark, creating worlds from strange perspectives and fantastical foes with big personalities.

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The Watchers

A fearful kitten becomes entangled in an ancient war between ghostly cat guardians and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


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The Guinea Pig Odyssey

When a wild cat chases Smores the guinea pig far away from home, she does everything she can to get back to her owner, Rosie. But a question lingers. “Was she thrown away?”


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Yuan Yuan Disaster Girl

When two siblings, eight-year-old Jackie and her older sister Dani, wish to become grown ups, their magical cat Chuuby grants their wish. But not in the way they expect.


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Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster

Password: 401B

Yuan Yuan and the Hollow Monster became a Semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards in 2020. It proceeded to win awards at festivals, and exhibit at more than 30 others. This animated film has been: